Replies to Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s

“Essay on Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security, and Culpability”


The following is a selection of responses received by Dr. Horowitz, and his replies, to his highly controversial “Essay on Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security, and Culpability.”

Dacotah wrote:

While your information is accurate, your message is not fair.  Remember the last presidential election?  Do you really think that this (or any) government will allow the people personal sovereignty?  No matter what draconian rules (that they call laws) are passed, we owe it to ourselves to educate ourselves and do what we know is right for ourselves.  No one can tie me down and make me get vaccinated just as no one will ever vaccinate my dog.  When you buy into the government/corporate mentality by playing their games, you have to play by their rules.  It is by NOT getting involved and going there that we can maintain our individual Freedoms.  After all we are all creators of our own reality.

Dr. Horowitz’s Reply:

Dear Dacotah:

I agree with everything you wrote. Still, the burden for creating the reality of this horrific bill falls, as you say, on the people who for years have not practiced the wisdom that you preach regarding responsible co-creationism.

My letter was for them, apparently, not for you.

Therefore, if you were personally challenged by it, then wherein lies the problem?

Much love and respect,

Len Horowitz


J. Sparrow wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz:

Why are you lashing out at the very people who buy your books and wholeheartedly believe and support your views and conclusions?  Your letter assumes that everyone who supports your views found out about you prior to having their children immunized.  Not true.  No one told me vaccines were risky prior to immunizing my youngest son nearly 5 years ago.  Once he had regressed into autism and I found your books and website, I've stopped everyone who was visibly pregnant or had a baby or young child in restaurants, grocery stores, schools, etc.  I spoke at length to anyone willing to listen (and even plenty who weren't).  I gave out my phone number and email addresse and linked them to your website and individual articles. 

I spent countless hours both on the phone and in person with every elected official who would return my call.  I wrote some and emailed others (always following up with a phone call).  I go to parades every summer confronting politicians about this issue and collecting brochures of politicians (they always list their home phone numbers in the summer prior to election time - so they seem accessible).  Never throw these brochures away !  They might end up in the congress or senate some day. 

Senator Barkley - wouldn't return my calls, although I left him 14 messages since his appointment to the Senate after Paul Wellstone died.   Senator Mark Dayton, did vote to eliminate the abhorred riders on the homeland security bill which was defeated.  I spent hours on the phone with his assistant Cassie and have spoken to him about this personally as well.  I tried to call back after he voted yes on the final bill.  He's in Florida at his mother's funeral which was held today I believe.  I'll persist until I reach him again- despite my busy schedule (I have five children - the youngest is 5 -dx severe autism).

I'm mad as hell too - but I didn't lash out at the nearly 30 friends and family of mine all over the country that also made countless phone calls, faxes, and emails to their Senators regarding the homeland sux bill.  This letter was sent out to those who subscribe to tetrahedron newsletters.  Please remember - we are on your side.  We are making a lot of noise - keep in mind how long this brainwashing has been going on.  Some people would need nothing short of a brain transplant to believe what I'm telling them.   

New subject:  I would love to have your opinion of (Global Vaccine Institute).  Do they have pharmaceutical or political ties ?  I'd hate to think I linked people to this site along with your site only to find out I've made a grave error.   

If you're thinking no one appreciates your dedication, hard work, and the fact that you are very likely risking your life by speaking out, you are dead wrong.  I respect and appreciate you deeply, as do many of my friends ;)

J. Sparrow
Blaine, MN


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear J.

I didn’t write the essay for you to take personally IF you are the crusader that you described in your mail. Otherwise, I did write it for you to take personally.

If you are the crusader that you describe in your mail, then my expressions and statements would be heart felt by you as well, and in this respect, I wrote the essay FOR YOU, that is, to help articulate your grief in the wake of this horrific legislation.

I sent it to Tetrahedron’s list, and others, in an effort to merely get it circulated.

Regarding the Global Vaccine Institute, Neil Miller has done excellent work for raising “vaccine risk-awareness,” but I don’t know his posture concerning the global political picture.  Moreover, I wrote the essay for people in the “vaccine risk-awareness” group who feel intimidated about getting and relaying the “big picture” regarding global genocide to their audiences. I am very saddened that even such a good resource as Global Vaccine Institute, and many, many others in the “vaccine risk-awareness movement” herald the National Vaccine Information Center among their links. GVI lists the NVIC first. That is a tragedy as demonstrated by the Homeland Security Bill’s vaccine liability indemnity clause pioneered by the NVIC’s Childhood Injury Act of 1986.

My bottom line is this:

Individuals and organizations that focus on “vaccine risk awareness” as opposed to “anti-vaccination” (e.g., Vaccination Liberation), are inherently destructive because their position implies that vaccines are reasonable, if not beneficial, public health contributions. Nothing is farther from the truth. Not one single risk/benefit analysis has ever been conducted on any vaccine. Therefore, the burden of proof regarding vaccine safety lies not with scientists to prove vaccines cause harm, as is the ongoing political dynamic, but on the drug-makers to prove that vaccines don’t cause the harm that they are causing, including the LONG TERM harms like pandemic cancers, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, childhood injuries, and more. Considering this perspective the entire gestalt of vaccination is a gross violation of the public’s trust, grave deception, and lethal charade!

Much love,

Len Horowitz

Dr. Suzanne Lee wrote:

Now with this [Homeland Security Bill] in place how do we stay safe.

Suzanne Lee, ND


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

When you see the vaccine line, walk with Yah in the opposite direction.




Lynn Landes wrote:

Dr. Horowitz - I think you're on-target with your research, but off-target on who to blame. A few months ago I would agreed with your conclusion about the public's apathetic attitude toward the real and growing threats to our liberty, safety, and security by the Bush Administration and his ilk -


But I've changed my mind. I think for a long time the vote of the American people has been sabotaged by the handful of companies who own our nation's voting machines. I think both political parties have been forcibly moved to the right by election fraud over the last several decades. I've written several articles on this subject and a book by Bev Harris will be published in mid-January. Take a look at our websites and you may start entertaining another theory to why things are the way they are.

Lynn Landes


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Lynn:

I seem to have struck everyone’s nerve with my essay. Though I greatly appreciate your perspective, I came to the conclusion you articlulate by 1998. We do not have a democracy, we have a totalitarian corporate fascist state, and have had one for the better part of at least a half century.

I would suggest you reconsider culpability in precisely the terms I wrote about in the essay. I have had respondants who feel, as I do, that we are all co-creators on our world by the grace of the Big Creator. And we are simply being irresponsible, for this trust, and need to reexamine our powerful prayerful co-creative capacity along with the whole hard cold truth about our globalist-controlled physical planet and the ways in which they are controlling and killing us.

Much love,


Ordinary Global Citizen wrote: 

Your absolutely right. It is my fault that the Homeland security bill was implemented. I implemented it. I made it. I made it along with every other ignorant creation in this world. I made a mess of the world. And now, ignorantly, I must destroy the world, to try to undo what i've done. If i don't do it, someone else will.


Ordinary Global Citizen


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Ordinary Citizen:

Are you someone who believes vaccines are generally good? That only a few problems exist for them? That there is no such thing as a global agenda or multi-national corporate threat? That vaccine makers have no connection to Hitler’s finest and the Bush administration? If so, I wrote the essay for you, because you ARE facilitating the destruction of this world and its loving naïve people. It is traditionally called genocide.

If you answered all of the above questions with “No,” then your tongue and cheek retort would be illogical, wouldn’t it?

If you answered “Yes” to any/some/all of the above questions then I restate my correct diagnosis of you and prognosis for this planet. I’m glad I plugged you in to your issues. But in this case there is no need for you to plan further for global population destruction, it’s already been assured by your attitude and congruent mis-behaviors.

Linda wrote:

Len, this essay  is very hurtful.

 Trust in the Lord instead. Be kind and good

to others...Be delighted with the Lord...

Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for him to act.

 Don't be envious of evil men who prosper.

    Stop your anger! Turn off your wrath.

Don't fret and worry-it only leads to harm.

PSALM 37:3-4,1-8, TLB


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:


Did the Messiah not get angry? Did the Messiah not call hypocrites “hypocrites?” Did the Messiah not try to stop the massive violation of people’s welfare and sovereignty by turning over the money changers tables in the temple, exposing their efforts to enslave people financially and spiritually?

If the above is true, then you might want to reconsider your New Age-like “feel good Christian” perspective. Water is wet, rocks are hard, and if your child became autistic, your mother died of Guillian-Barre, brother received MS, or sister became crippled with arthritis, you might choose to express some anger and the politically incorrect truth, as the Messiah did, without getting squeamish, or reciting doctrine, which reflects “the traditions of men that make the Word [the truth] to no avail.”

The truth is that the Great Creator ousted satin from heaven. Why? For the same reasons I refuse to accept his agents—the pharmaceutical industrialists/globalists—or those deceived their sirens song.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


Melin wrote:


I read your email on Mr. Horowitz's Essay. I am so very upset that this problem has come to pass. What you are saying is that, there isn't any  hope now, to change the bad additions that they added to the law? Is it all to hopeless? I have been telling people all along about what it will represent, and they've looked at me as if  I were talking in some alien language. Is this the beginning of the end of cilvilization? I don't know if I am wasting my time even writing to you and should just try to enjoy what little there is left in life to enjoy before the end comes. If there is no more hope, please let me know.

Sincerely, Melin


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Melin:

I too am giving up on any remnant of hope that politicians will help us or save us. Isn't that "giving up" also prescribed in the Bible.

I think it is a good idea to step back, even retreat into yourself every once and a while to reconsider your values and relationships to self, God, family, friends, and the world at large. This is what I am currently doing as a result of the Homeland Security Bill's passage with that despicable vaccine indemnity clause attached.

Early indicators from my heart suggest giving up our false hopes in government and governing "officials" is precisely what the real Medical Diety has prescribed for personal and world healing and spiritual salvation.

I'm going for this and not giving up the greatest freedoms than can never be taken away.

Much love,

Len Horowitz

Linda Klassen wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz,

I want to thank you again for sounding the alarm for so many years.  I regret that I only learned of you and your work during this past year.  The 'delay' may be due in part to my being a resident of Canada, unable to pick up many American radio signals, etc.

As I read 'Essay On Vaccine Injury, Homeland Security, and Culpability ', more than anything, I felt a deep compassion for the anguish of your soul over the many who appear to have failed to hear or to heed the warnings you have been publishing through one media or another for many years now.  I want to offer you some kind of comfort and assurance that although you may feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness and that your voice has not reached any 'hearing ears', some of us have heard and have been passing the information on.  Like you, we too have encountered complacency, disbelief and some sheer laziness in response to our attempts to alert and awaken our fellow 'sheep' to the slaughter.  I don't mind being called a 'radical' or even 'paranoid' as long as I can live with my conscience knowing that I have done what I could.

As alone as you may feel, brother, trust that you are not.  God has raised up numerous of His children in these days to sound the alarm, not only to the world, but to His very church as well, who should have been awake and marching all these years to prevent satan from establishing a 'kingdom of darkness' and should have instead by now manifested the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth.  In the Kingdom of God, Jesus has told us that "All things are possible to him who believes."  I believe, as Jonathan did when he and his armour bearer surveyed the Philistine garrison and Jonathan said to his armour bearer: "Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us.  For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few." I emphasize the last line because I too have often 'felt' that I may be the only believer in the world praying the type of warfare prayers I have been, believing that it is not God's will that the world end as prophesied in Revelation, but that WE as the Body of Christ have failed to live up to His power and authority over all things whether in heaven, or in earth, or under the earth, to manifest His Kingdom on earth.  It is OUR failure to exercise His authority over principalities and powers which has allowed things to get as far as they have and as long as the church is still present on planet earth, I believe we can still assume our God ordained role and overturn what satan has been building.

However, in attempting to share this vision with fellow Christians, many seem too deep in a comatose trance to grasp it or they accuse me of blasphemy for trying to alter the outcome in defiance of what is written in the book of Revelation.  They don't seem able, at least not yet, to step outside of the finite for a moment to consider that God was forced to write the book of Revelation as it is because we failed to walk in obedience to His Spirit and His will as a church.  Jesus gave us a great commission, and if we fail to fulfil it, obviously He will have to do our job as well as His own.

I guess my point is that even though I don't see much 'encouragement' in the natural, I am learning to cling more tenaciously to my conviction that God wants His will manifested here and now on earth, and I maintain my resistance against every illusion the enemy casts up like fake smoke to try to discourage me and convince me to give up the warfare prayers.  I continue to bind and loose in the Name of Jesus Christ, regardless of whether I see evidence of success or not.  I remember Daniel and others who had to keep up the resistance until God's will was manifested.  I am convicted that I have no other purpose on earth than to know God and to enforce and obey His will until His will and His Kingdom are manifested.

When I heard the report of the passage of the  'Homeland Security Bill', my reaction was one of indignation and my immediate response was to rebuke and forbid, in the Name of Jesus Christ, satan's attempt to further his plot through manipulation of blind mortals and to destroy his works of darkness.  Rather than reacting as though these illusions  possess any real power, I become more resolute in my resistance against the enemy, that the will and power of Christ prevails.

As Christians we must be watchful that we do not lend power to satan's illusions through our reacting to them as though they have any real power of their own.  I trust that the Lord has many more than myself engaged in prayer warfare and resistance to the enemy's tactics and I pray for more members of the Body of Christ to be awakened to the call to assume their places in the army of the Living God to do ferocious battle in these days.

You are not so alone as you may feel, brother Horowitz.  First and foremost keep up the battle through prayer and faith as well as all the noble work you do to sound the alarm to the masses.  Believe in the power of the work you have done to awaken and alarm, to expose the truth and stir up the population, whether you see the immediate reality of it or not.  God has called you for success, not for failure to do what you do in all faith and confidence.

Let us trample the enemy of God and mankind under the feet of Christ and cast him into the bottomless pit to wait until Christ disposes of him and his works in the lake of fire.  Be encouraged, brother, that you are succeeding, no matter how satan may try to make it appear otherwise.

Thank you again for your faithfulness to the service and will of our Great God.

In the love of Christ,

Linda Klassen


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Linda,

This is a classic letter from your heart reflecting Yah’s glorious wisdom. I especially appreciate your perspective on the satanic  “illusions” that include the Homeland Security Bill and the public frights being orchestrated for politics and profit. I will read your letter on the air this week. Much love.

Your brother in YahShah,

Len Horowitz


Babach wrote:


I am also terribly disturbed over the unanimous passage of the Homeland Security.  I read Dr. Horowitz's work concerning the dangers of vaccination.  So I ask you sincerely, "what can we do to stop this tyranny?"  In my opinion, those who are aware of the potential dangers should mobilize and speak out in one united voice. 

I use to do work for a state-wide public interest group.  The key to their effectiveness was in creating local campaign teams across the state.  These teams would literally go door to door informing the public and winning their support.  By raising public funds and receiving numerous signatures, the interest group lobbied in Washington with political clout.  This, of course, will take a lot of time and energy to get organized, but considering the seriousness of the issue, I think its well worth the effort. 

What do you think?

A deeply concerned citizen,




Dr. Horowitz’s reply:


Dear Babach,

I love the fact that you have been politically committed in this way, and I cannot tell you what to do, nor even advise you in this regard other than saying that focusing on politics, at all, is an “energy sink” not bearing too much fruit in matters of public urgency and global importance. For me, I think’s it time to refocus on prayer, the great Creator, family and the peace on earth that is always available to us by choice and typically all around us if we choose to focus on it.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


Kelly H Loewen wrote:

Hey! Hold on there!!

It’s not my fault! You sound angry and frustrated, and you are painting everyone with the same brush.

I believed you -  I live in Canadaso I didn't know that bill was being proposed or voted on; I read/waded through your Ebola Book -thanks to you I spread the gospel of anti-vaccine, and  you are right - nobody listens.

I encourage you not to give up - the laws can be rescinded.  It is spiritual warfare and most people are blinded by the god/gods of this world.  I'm stepping up my prayer time. Are you?  Do your gatherings and meetings start by or include prayer, or do you have specific prayer meetings? John Wesley said and I paraphrase, that God/Jesus does nothing without the prayers of the saints.


Kelly H Loewen

Dr. Horowitz’s reply:


You are exactly right. And if the essay was not meant for you, it was not meant for you.

In fact, read it again. You will see that I mentioned you as one of my “colleagues” who likely feels as persecuted as I.

Thanks for your increased prayers.




Julia wrote:

I probably missed some articles in the past because I didn't know until after reading this letter that NVIC was not an honorable group.  I knew about vaccine injuries before I ever heard of you. The Holy Spirit himself stopped me back in 1973 from giving my daughter her second DPT shot without my knowing the background of DPT injuries.

God is able to warn each one of us individually if we are only obedient and trust Him before we trust the princes and kings of this earth.  Please be careful and not get so conceited in your education and your own abilities. God is far greater than any earthly watchman.

Praying for you that you don't get bitter or high minded.  Remember what Yeshua taught.  Read the Beatitudes for a fresh new outlook.

Shalom and in Yeshua's name,



Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Julia, I promise you that I will not become attached to my bitterness. That’s part of the reason I wrote the truth in my essay. I wish only to attach to our Creator’s gifts.

Much love and Shalom to you and yours too, 

Len Horowitz




Dr. Horowitz’s reply:


If the message was not for you, then it was not for you.

If you have stood by me, as you say, then you have felt the same persecutions.

It is to those who have persecuted us that I wrote the essay.

Read it again, you will see that I mentioned you as one of "my colleagues."

Then you may read it and see that I expressed your feelings as well.

Let me know.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


Robin Owens wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz....

No, no, no. It is not me you speak of or to. I am mother of 6,  none of whom have received any vaccinations. They were born at home as far from the clutches of the  medical establishment and its lies and deceptions as possible, nursed and later fed with organic and home grown real food. We avoided the medical doctors and their propaganda and we managed to stay out of their well-financed schemes. All with much opposition along the way, my husband and I have pursued raising our children with dignity and honesty. We have suffered rejection, misunderstanding and painful accusation. And now we have been attacked by "friendly fire". I regret that you sent this message for it has brought me and my family great harm and I don't think you intended to do that. Or did you?

We bought your book, read your website messages, (I printed some of them for my husband to read when he had the opportunity), we listened to you on the radio and we agreed with what you wrote (even before we heard you say it, we've heard Dr. Mendelsohn, and others say the same things over the years) and we stood with you and others that have been labelled "radicals". We never called you a "foolish conspiracy theorist" and we are very unhappy that you would send this type of letter to us. We are not asking for support from you for our efforts in sharing truth,  neither do we sell you our books, tapes or programs that we have made, because we send out free emails to our friends, relatives, and neighbors. We spend hours passing out information  to others online and in person. We contacted our State Representatives telling them to oppose this legislation. Has any of it done any good?

Apparently, you do not include yourself in the accusation that we did not "do enough" to stop this action. Why is that? Did you do all that you could?

If so, then good for you. I do not blame you for trying to stop it but not succeeding. I never called you a "radical" or "extremist". I agreed with you and supported you. I prayed for this bill to not pass. However it did. So who do we blame now? I am not to be blamed and I do not appreciate you lumping me in with those that, agreeably, are the way that you say they are...unwilling to oppose the enemy.

I stood with you and now you turn on me. It makes it worse. That's all I have to say. If you have any  ideas for solutions for what we can do to further the cause of liberty and freedom, then please write, but if all you have to say is 'condemnation' then send your messages to someone else. We certainly do not deserve it. I'm sorry that you cannot have faith to know that you are not the only one standing for truth. In Christ, Roxine Williams


Beverly Simmons wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz,

I feel your dispair.  I contacted my Senators and implored them to not pass this "Act", to no avail.  Your tone in this essay attacks even those who support the work you have done and continue to do.  Please don't misplace your anger on those who have listened to you, have purchased your books, and will continue to do so.  Not all of us in this world are "sheeple", some of us think for ourselves, some of us question, research, ask, learn, and teach.  But still the grand powers that be get what they want, always, as their absolute power governs over the serfs in their kingdom.  You have perfectly stated how I feel now, "stuck between the rock of disappointment and the hard place of hopelessness"...Amen!


Charles wrote:

No doubt next year we can expect the Republican Congress to outlaw organic  food and require  all drinking water contain PCB's.  The good side of this is that with widespread dementia we won't know what's really happening and with the valium nerve gas if we step out into the street with the wrong crowd we won't really care.



Sonia wrote:

Dr. Horowitz - I understand the futility you feel in warning people of the dangers of vaccination and not being heeded.  I've been there, and get nothing but stares, and buts...........

People believe in "THE DOCTORS" who are, as you put it, deities.    I get so tired of warning, giving them printouts, referring them to vaclib - an organization that will tell them of the injuries --- to no avail.    They don't want to hear.  

There are 2 children with speaking difficulties in my cul de sac!

There is an autistic child that goes to my doctor!

A neighbor dropped me because I was giving so much "negative" info (she's the one with the child with speaking difficulty).   She prefers to pray about it.

oh well.

You have my sympathy.




Joanie Heart wrote:

Dr. Horowitz,

 I, for one, as a non-vaccinating mother of a beautiful and bright 14 year old daughter, have always felt nothing but amazing gratitude and relief at your message. I own "Emerging Viruses, Codes for the Apocolypse, and Healing Celebrations", and have them out on my desk in my work area so that others may see them and I have an opportunity to tell them the message.Up until I heard your message on video for Emerging Viruses, I had felt very much the outcast, with many critcizing my decision NOT to vaccinate my beautiful baby girl at 6 weeks old. I have only one thing to say ...THANK YOU!!!

However, I find myself in a dilemma with an opportunity to go out of the country to Brazil. Someone said vaccines are mandatory to come back into the country. What if I do want to travel somewhere that "requires" vaccines? Are there any other options? Because especially now, due to my feeling that they will be loading as much crap as possible into these solutions, there is no way I will ever take a vaccine. Is a microchip the next ingredient to go into the mix?

Also, I saw a blurb a few nights ago on local news that Gov. Jeb Bush (Florida) just signed a bill that said that all newborns must have their eyes dilated in order to scan for brain tumors. How can that possibly be a good thing? Their precious eyes are just adjusting to life outside the womb, and they are going to dilate them right away in those incredibly bright hospital lights!?!? 

Isaiah said it a long time ago... These people's minds are dulled. They have ears yet cannot hear,eyes yet cannot see......

Yes, you are intense in your delivery, bordering on a zealot, yet if you are not screaming, how can the sheeple ever be awakened?

God bless you. I am making a commitment as of this moment that I will pray for you on a daily basis. Take care of yourself.....

Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Joanie,

Thanks for your kind words and increased prayers.

Our son was born at home so we didn’t have to deal with the medical dieties.

The same exemptions apply to overseas travel and reentry. Just stick to your guns.




Sandra Synar wrote:

Beautiful essay.  I believed you, I came to the same conclusions by Oct 11, 2001, and posted them to my website; then I found you and others saying it. I've read two of your books now through interlibrary loan.  I thank you for all your research I needed to see.  I have tried to get the word out, I write a weekly astro column the last two years and did what I could, but they finally had to censor me. I wrote a letter to the editor, but they didn't print it; just saying the facts about the four generation war industry Bush family. Whores, the people in office are worse than than, puppets of the worst kind.

Seeing cycles correlating to '65 and '31 and 2001, I feel perhaps even more being an astrologer the beast arises again, showing itself before going underground again.  I saw and heard it sept ll, and began investigating.

I never talked about nazis, but I have read much on the Holocaust and survivors transcripts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why, I don't know.  People do look at you like your nuts when you call them that.  But I do now because I see it is the same business; never punished, never subdued.

I think people are in denial, too horrified since sept ll, unconsiously they must know, but can't face the truth; our government is malignantly cancerous.

I only wish to educated people now, like you; it's hard to believe our representatives will do anything.  If they do, they will most likely face an ending like Wellstone..

You are loved and a great soul.  Bless you.

Sandra Synar


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for your kind, sensitive, loving words and appreciation.

You know, it takes one to know one.

I love you,


Jim from Maui wrote:

Aloha from  Maui, and thank you for your most informative information.  46 year old male ex military.
  i have of late been awakened to see our world in this nightmare, and my heart is heavy. corruption is rampant, and i have had [having]] the experience of my life with doctors who have no morals and have almost ruined my life with certain drugs.  anyway IM listening and interested in your point of views.
     again thank you...keep fighting the good fight ... gods speed  

Jim in Maui


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Thanks for your kind words and openness to the truth.

Much love and Yah’s protection.

Len Horowitz



Terry Besser wrote:

These guys are real assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Boy, you got that almost right!

I would say "ignorant assholes." At least an anus knows how to void itself of fecal matter. Most people are blind to the fact they need to defecate such political waste.

Much love,

Len Horowitz



Jim Leighty wrote:


Dear Sir,

I am just someone who ran across your report concerning the years you have spent warning the public concerning vaccines.  I for one will not be participating in the coming vaccine effort even though the threat from our government is very real.  I would rather loose everything materially than to give in on a spiritual level.  My question sir is this how soon can someone get a sample of the current smallpox vaccine and analyze it for what it's contents.  I have no doubt as to it's dangers physically but I am very curious about the possibility of the technology that may be added as well.  There was a report released that we now have the ability to make tracking ships 1/3 the width of a human hair.  I'm not paranoid it's just that I do not put anything past these guys and I'm sure that you would agree.  If there was a way to find out conclusively that is true it would be HUGE news but as seen in prior years the majority would not be willing to believe it.  It would be just too James Bondish for most.

Thank you for your time and your effort over the years,

Jim Leighty



Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Jim:

We will not be getting testing samples anytime soon. Nor can we be assured that the test samples provided would be the ones administered to the public. The government, as you see by the passage of the Homeland Security Act is completely untrustworthy as are the vaccine makers.

I have also experienced many times, recovering highly urgent incriminating documents that prove vaccine-linked atrocities, if not genocide, and the failure of the media’s to disclose such vital facts.

Thanks for writing.

Len Horowitz


Paul wrote:

len,  i thank you for your great work.  personally i wrote to my senators(kennedy and kerry) and rep(capuano)  many times  on the very things in  your essay, and the other monstrous aspects.   very  few responses  from them--any opposition  they had to  the act (the most treasonous legislation i've ever seen) was  for  falsely framed  reasons,  the stupid union angle  for one. capuano  voted  no,  but i can't get any answer from him so far as to why.  i've told everone i can though,  and had  a few successes--some people of course think i'm nuts though,  but who cares, someone may  live  who wuold have died and that is priceless.  myself,  i've improved my own immunity a lot.  i would guess there  are many  bullseyes  like myself  from your  shots in the dark,  plus the ripple  effect.   i'm praying to God about it, and will for you also.  keep  talking , it's so important.  you're very convincing,  might even get through to some of those traitors(?) in washington.  thanks again, you've been more help than  you can see right now.  paul


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Thanks much for your kind words and encouragement Paul



Marilynn Greene wrote:

Dear Dr. Horowitz,

Thank you for the in-depth letter on vaccines dated 11/21. I appreciate your concerns and all of your efforts on behalf of humanity and I am in agreement on what you have to say. It is a disappointment when the people that I voted for that I thought would have the same understanding either did not vote with that regard or there weren't enough of them to keep the bills from passing.

It does make me wonder that those that voted for the Homeland Security Bill and all of the other issues that effect us adversely, if it didn't occur to them that they and their families will be effected by these same factors as the rest of us eventually. They're breathing the same air as the rest of us and they can't escape the water forever either.

Perhaps they think that they will be an exception and escape it all by Divine intervention.

Marilynn Greene

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Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Marilyn,

Thanks for your kind words. I no longer believe legislators on Capitol Hill, at least, have any scruples. I believe they have “sold their soles,” so to speak, and thereby can be expected to do nothing but evil to humanity, if not to the planet as a whole.

Much love,

Len Horowitz

Renée Montgomery wrote:

Yaweh bless you, Dr. Horowitz.  I feel your anger seething, and I empathize completely.  I have been screaming in the dark, and no one listens.  I'm the radical hippie who gets all worked up, too passionate about things that don't matter.  There are moments when I entertain the wish to return to the days when the only things that were important to me were my paycheck and my vacation plans, but those moments are short-lived.  I'd rather walk in the truth, regardless of how lonely it is, how rough it is.  I know Yasha walks with me.  I also know that treacherous times are at hand.  You were one of those who has guided me, and I am forever grateful for the way you wrenched my eyes open.  It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fun, but it was truth, and it set me free.  Keep raving, Len.  Keep fighting. 

I remain your faithful soldier,

> Renée Montgomery


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Hallelujah Renée:

After reading and replying to dozens of e-mails regarding the Homeland Security Bill essay, yours was the one for which I was waiting. At least there are two of us who see eye to eye!

Much love always,

Len Horowitz



Wanda wrote:

I am so mad. I did an article for our holistic health newsletter about how

this country came to be so pharmaceutically dependent and everyone thinks

that I am too radical and should follow a more positive approach to my

writing. Why don't people want to know about this stuff?

Thanks, Wanda


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Wanda,

I'm in total agreement. Below are a few of my e-mails and replies on this topic. Keep fighting with faith.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


Tantra Bensko wrote:  


Dear Len,

I hear your pain, and I want to tell you thank you for all you have done. I've been listening all along. You tell 'em. People just seem to have some kind of program in place to keep them from hearing, don't they? Their eyes turn glassy. Maybe they can't help it. But they still should be given a swift kick to wake them up!

                     Thanks, again,

                Tantra Bensko  


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Tantra:

Thanks for your words of kindness. Kick em!



Sue Mount wrote:

Thank you for the thought provoking words.  I just saw a friend go down for 3 weeks now with a flu shot; he's still ill and although we are using alternative methods, it will take some time yet.

I will pass this around.   Perhaps it's time to secede from this corporation we call our Federal government.

Sue Mount


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:

Dear Sue,

Thanks for your kind words and accurate analysis.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


A friend wrote:

Greetings Dr. Horowitz, Back in 1996 when i first heard you on my wife's talk show talking about your first book i admit i was somewhat taken aback. These days however i concur with you 100%, especially after reading Paul Manning's book Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile. The first step bormann took in creating nazi flight capital companies was to invest heavily in the pharmacutical companies... need i say more? So good Dr. Horowitz keep up the good work and understand that there are some of us out here at least who hear your message and try to act on it though the sense of isolation is a bit overwhealming at times we must keep strong and fight the good fight until The Creator terminates this madness. God bless you and aid you in your most important work, peace.


Dr. Horowitz’s reply:


Dear Friend,

Thanks for your years of support, encouraging words, and prayers for peace.

Much love,

Len Horowitz


Sue Stewart in the UK wrote:

Dear Len,

I have not had the opportunity to meet you.
I admire your work - you are ahead of your time. Why ???

Because people only listen after the event !

What you are saying is so beyond people's belief systems that they are not listening.
I, fortunately, was reared by a very enlightened father (Born 1944) and was not vaccinated or had my children vaccinated. Unfortunately, they did not listen to my advice - they had their children (my grandchildren) routinely vaccinated despite my knowledge.
I followed my father's wholefood eating - they eat junk processed food - ridiculing my beliefs.

Whereas I am concerned about removing all the mercury from my system (introduced through amalgam fillings) and finding out where the antimony that has recently shown in hair analysis is coming from - they seem

 I am an holistic therapist and one of my first big learnings was that I could give people the tools and show them how to use them but - I could not do it for them !

I feel frustrated - how much more you must feel !!!

However, please, please, please keep up your good work. There are those of us that are behind you all the way and doing what we can in our own way.
Perhaps your strong words in this essay will jolt a few more people - perhaps they will jolt a lot of people !

May you long continue with your work - you will be heard !!!

Much love,

Sue (Stewart),


North Wales, UK.

Morris Dunlap from the UK wrote:

Sir, I congratulate you for your PASSION and ENERGY.

Of course I have been VILLIFIED, my mental health has been questioned, even by my own family ...

You see there are literally THOUSANDS suffering in Northern Ireland (other than the 'TROUBLES' Victims) from NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS, resulting from vast excesses of ALUMINIUM SULPHATE (actually Ferric Aluminium Sulphate) added in and left there  .. YES, I KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING ... added in and left there to PUBLIC DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES.
This has been ONGOING .. DOCUMENTED .. from one particular WATER TREATMENT WORKS .. since 1982 ... and more than likely .. much longer AND from others.

Since MARCH 23 2002, I have spent most days on AUTISM.
tHERE ARE VERY MANY similarities IN cross bridging of neuronal proteins resulting in PLAGUES, NEUROFIBULAR TANGLES with the resulting loss of speech and 'the gone away' personality.

NO BODY WANTS TO KNOW ...  all BRAINWASHED ... with a few exceptions.

AND NOW 'WW BUSH' outfit have nailed their DIABOLICAL COLOURS to THEIR MAST ... millions in the HOMELANDS being poisoned from the CRADLE to their GRAVE by Government POISON Authorisations. Chemical and Biological weapons used against the CHILDREN of the NEXT GENERATION in the FREEDOM of the US ... so that the SHARE MARKET and THE GOD OF AMERICA ' The Buck' be worshipped.
Above the GRAIN TRADING FLOOR IN CHICAGO (The Building) is a HUGE SILVER STATUE ... The IDOL ... of Veneration & Worship.

God HAVE mercy ... PLEASE ..

I understand your FRUSTRATION ... YOUR GREAT FRUSTRASTION ... but it will never be said...  YOU have sent out a WARNING ....
What else can you do ....

By the way you have a PARTNER in a Laboratory in Kansas City .. a Researcher of some 30 years ... Autism, Aids and VACCINATION.

I read the Bible ... I am not a Schollar ... but in the book of Revelation there are prophecied GREAT PLAGUES.
These are most likely mentioned on the TORA ....

ARE we .. YOU speaking of THESE ....

I would like to know ...


I have one book .. yet unread .. Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse .. advanced NOW to the NOW READ set ...

I will go buy Emerging Viruses or whatever book is called ..

and may GOD ALMIGHTY have MERCY ... on AMERICA .. and the rest of us .. AMEN.