Electromagnetics, Bioacoustics and Divine Healing

Chapter 6 in Healing Celebrations provides a most exciting and revelatory understanding of the future of natural healing—the miraculous field of bioacoustics and electromedicine. These merging fields are based on God’s own Divine healing laws. These technologies involve sound, light, mathematics, and physics.

Here are some of the subjects covered in this section of the program:

  • Electromagnetics and Divine healing
  • Clustered water photography to prove the sacred geometry of miracle healing waters
  • How and why your DNA functions as “an antennae to God.”. . .  And why resonance frequencies from sound, light, colors, and Divine Spiritual sources, heal your cells and tissues constantly.
  • Creation and creationism through sound vibration and its profound impact on miraculous recoveries
  • The field of Cymatics—the study of the effects of sound energy on matter
  • Secret and sacred alphanumeric codes used in speech and prayer for Divine healing
  • Trust, Faith, God and alphanumerics
  • The alphanumerics, Holy Spirit, and spiritual power behind language
  • Reverse speech and the English language
  • Healing language from the Holy Kingdom
  • Spiritual ignorance and God’s language
  • The brilliant suppressed work of Royal R. Rife and his great healing machines, and
  • Additional research in vibrational medicine and “Bio-spiritual Warfare.”


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