“Oxygenation Therapies and Related Godly Practices”

This is the title and content of Healing Celebrations’ Chapter 5. THE FUN AND EXCITEMENT REALLY MOUNTS HERE, AS YOU GET CLOSER TO MIRACULOUS HEALINGS.
Topics in this life-saving chapter include:

  • The Divinity of oxygen, and the sacred geometry of the oxygen molecule
  • The miraculous capabilities of oxygen
  • Antimicrobial effects of oxygen
  • Body acidity, free radicals, anti-oxidants and oxygen
  • The cancer industry, oxygenation, knowledge suppression, and the international “Blood Banksters”
  • Oxygen, Bible prophecy, and biospiritual warfare
  • Your blood and the “Covenants of Promise”
  • Simple, do it yourself, forms of oxygenation therapy
  • The “[William F.] Koch Treatment”
  • Hyperbaric oxygenation treatments
  • Air oxygen machines for your home and workplace, and
  • Chlorophyll for blood loss victims as a safe, effective, and natural substitute for risky and costly blood transfusions


"Dr. Horowitz is the modern 'David of natural healing, versus the Goliath of slash, burn, and poison medicine.' His work in Healing Celebrations sets a new standard for health assurance that is long overdo and sorely needed by a needlessly suffering world.”
            Dr. Christopher Rudy
            Naturopathic physician


“We were delighted to have Dr. Horowitz present his ‘Healing Celebrations’ workshop during our Professional Education Program. His presentation was extremely well received and the participants left the seminar with plans for incorporating into their lives some of the many new ideas he provided.

One participant later called and asked me to thank Dr. Horowitz for leading a seminar which brought the man's experience of healthy personal development 'all together' for him for the first time. We were so pleased by people’s responses that we immediately asked Dr. Horowitz back to give another seminar.”
                                                             Marlee Turner
            Director, Northern Pines Health Resort
            Raymond, ME


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