Chapter 4 of Healing Celebrations: “Boosting Immunity”

This is important because your immune system is your primary guard against infectious diseases and chronic illnesses.

The truth is, you can learn how to prompt natural immunity most naturally, powerfully, and inexpensively. Popping magic pills does not do this, as drug-makers want you to believe. Boosting natural immunity involves a “wholistic approach.”

The Fun and Excitement Builds

Here’s where you really begin to integrate the knowledge, wisdom, and power of my “Holistic Model.” This model, detailed below, goes far beyond the widely recognized “body-mind” connection. As seen in the diagram below, who you really are, is a composite of physical, mental, emotional, imaginative, and intuitive capabilities operating within a physical and social environment. Each of these factors must be considered for optimal health.

The Holistic Model

This "Holistic Model Diagram" simply graphs the parts of your personality that play important role in your life and health. Click on the diagram to learn more about these parts, and how to master them.

Central to the above model is your strong “I will” center for choice making. Your “willpower” depends on this.

Additionally, and most importantly, you maintain an awesome connection to a powerful creative Source most people call God.

In summary, the Healing Celebrations program covers the topic of boosting natural immunity every way possible. You will review areas of special interest including:

  • Physical fitness, nutrition, dietary supplementation, and exercise
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Environmental, and
  • Above all Spiritual factors and forces that shape your health and well being.

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Tips About Nutritionals

Most revealing and educational, in Healing Celebrations, I provide life-saving and money saving tips on buying immune boosting supplements, including herbal formulas, minerals, vitamins, and many other products that are recommended by leading authorities in natural and nutritional health. I cover many subjects that you are unlikely to learn elsewhere.

For instance, did you know that the explosive widespread use of “Canola Oil” in many processed and packaged foods, many in "health food stores," is the result of a petrochemical industry scam? You will learn how this synthetic oil, derived partly from the rapeseed, is “one hundred times more toxic than soy oil!” Canola’s relative, is the deadly nerve gas widely used during World War I to kill and maim people.

Indeed, you will learn much about essential and nonessential toxic fats in Healing Celebrations.

You will also learn about natural inexpensive and readily available antibiotics and antivirals. . . . About immune boosting factors previously discovered yet, still today, widely suppressed by drug companies that don’t want you to have access to these powerful, less costly, alternatives for disease recovery and health promotion.

How about a readily available, inexpensive, very potent, natural sweetener free from the harmful effects of normal cane sugar or toxic artificial sweeteners like aspartame? This, too, I reveal and recommend.

This knowledge alone is worth every penny you will spend for the entire Healing Celebrations package.


Regarding some of the information presented in Healing Celebrations, Dr. George E. White, D.D.S., Ph.D., Chairman and Associate Professor of pediatrics at Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine, in Boston wrote:

“Dr. Horowitz has done a marvelous job of integrating recent developments in behavioral science into one fascinating program that gives his insights in how you can reach the optimum in you and your relationships. It is through this growth toward the optimum in you that you will more fully enjoy your life and career.”

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