Deacidifying Your “Temple”

Chapter 3 in Healing Celebrations provides a most powerful step in guarding yourself and your loved ones against the current and coming plagues of cancer, autoimmune diseases, vaccine injuries, neurological and musculoskeletal problems and more.

Ideally, your body chemistry should be operating at a pH of around 7.5. Virtually every chronic illness, cancers included, as well as infectious diseases, thrive in people whose body pH is significantly lower than normal due to risky lifestyles. . .

In Healing Celebrations, I explain what these lifestyle risks are, how to overcome them, and how to deacidify your body, adjusting your pH for optimal health, pathogen protection, and plague control.

Naturally, this matter involves developing healthier hydration (i.e., water consumption) and dietary habits. But with the educational and motivational exercises you do in the Healing Celebrations program, these changes are most easily integrated into your beneficial lifestyle.

In this chapter, I also explain the bioelectric properties of your cells, and the foods required to feed and nurture them with a powerful "love vibration." In other words, this is most important knowledge directly linking to your health and spiritual energy.

During this chapter, I also explain the vital importance of water chemistry, and provide precautions, which, if heeded, can save lives.

All waters are not the same. They not only vary in purity. Waters come in different pHs and molecular structures. In Healing Celebrations you will learn my optimal recommendation for daily water intake. This includes the amounts and types of water I consume regularly with my family. This most simple change in your drinking habits can produce IMMEDIATE AND PROFOUND HEALTH AND HEALING BENEFITS!

One type of water that I recommend for 20% of your daily intake is called “Clustered Water.”  Clustered water has the capacity to bioelectrically recharge your DNA. This can add health and years to your life.

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“I found the entire Healing Celebrations video program extremely interesting and well worth listening to, especially the facts on office environment... This course can be used to improve health for any business, any professional organization, or association, and I highly recommend it especially for people working on high-stress jobs!”
                                                           Judy Kiernan
Commercial Lines Agent, John Sutherland, Inc.
            Naugatuck, CT

“Dr. Horowitz, your ‘Healing Celebrations’ program started my journey... Thanks!”
                                                      Stacey Fletcher
                                                              Legal Secretary
                                                San Diego, CA


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