“Preparing Your ‘Temple of God’”

The next part of Healing Celebrations package provides the wherewithal for “Preparing Your ‘Temple of God’” to defend itself against the current and coming plagues. The first vital step, as advised by modern science and ancient scripture alike, involves fasting for detoxification.

Fasting for Detoxification

          In Healing Celebrations, I instruct you to perform simple, powerfully healing, juice fasts. This section includes:

  • Preparing for and beginning your fast
  • Fasting caveats (what not to do while fasting)
  • Length of Fasts
  • Water versus juice fasts
  • Fasting with lemonade and cayenne pepper
  • Colon cleansing
  • Enemas
  • Reestablishing the right bacterial flora in your gut. Here, my favorite product recommendation is G.I. Flora Pro. (Click link this product to description in virtual store)
  • Other fasting tips
  • Evaluating fasting results
  • Maintenance after your fast
  • Liver cleansing and detoxification diets
  • Herbal detoxification recommendations
  • Chelating therapies, and
  • Homeopathies for detoxification

By the time you complete this first phase of the Healing Celebrations program, you will already feel healthier, have more energy, and look younger than you have in years. This is great news for a lot of people. . .

And if losing weight is a concern, relax. You will also lose weight! You can simply do as I do. I substitute for my morning meal a delicious, nutritionally complete, smoothie make with organic fruit juices and my advanced formula GREEN HARVEST. (Click here to learn more about this product.)

By the way, diabetics and others with blood sugar problems can also do these highly recommended fasts and achieve equally excellent results.


A Testimonial by NFL Dallas Cowboy Football Star

—Michael Kiselak

“About ‘Healing Celebrations.’ Another alternative medicine propaganda book! Yeah RIGHT!!! Not only does Dr. Horowitz intrigue you with the scriptural link to science, but also he captivates you with the TRUTH, and “the Truth shall set You FREE!!!” Scripture tells us God states in Hosea that His people will perish from Lack of Knowledge. Len gives you that Knowledge and the Understanding of how to use it, which equals WISDOM. This divinely inspired book and program will convict your heart and change your life. Biblically, we know God made “eyes that see.” I highly recommend you use them to read Healing Celebrations.”

Michael Kiselak


“We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your excellent work in Healing CelebrationsTM. The wealth of information you present benefits health freedoms and alternative therapies for all.”

Mary Ellen Johnson,
Positive Alternative Therapies in Healthcare, Inc., Miami, Fl


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